iPad Video Conversion: How to Pick an iPad Video Converter

In a world increasingly filled with mobile devices and portability demands, people from all places are using their mobile phones and portable computers for everything from business and social endeavors to movie and music streaming. Now that you have an iPad, you’re looking for a way to convert your favorite movies into a compatible format to join the leagues of people using this ultra-portable tablet as a movable entertainment center.

If you’re looking for converting video to iPad software, all aspects of these applications like converting features present in the applications, the quality of the finished video, the speed at which the software converts the video, each product’s ease of use and the customer support that backs them should be considered before you make your decision.

1. The format supported

The most powerful video converter software must support as many video file formats as possible such as the common formats (AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, DivX, MP4, etc.), and also the HD videos(HD TS, HD MTS, HD M2TS, HD MP4, HD WMV, etc.). Check out if all the necessary encoders and decoders are included in the software.

2. The conversion speed

A lot of converters support all the possible video formats, but they are really slow and sometimes they freeze causing a lot of frustration. Many iPad video converters do not support multithreading and batch conversion making the process of video conversion a pain. Batch conversion will allow you to convert more than one video files at the same time.

3. The output quality

Many iPad video converters are really fast but the output is disappointing. Video freezes, audio stops playing, screen turns red or green, short audio or video breaks during playback. This is common for some video converter, especially when you don’t know how to use the conversion process properly. Be careful when adjusting video size, bit rate, etc.

4. The friendly interface

The user interface must be friendly and designed in a way that will allow even a total newbie to access all the controls and functions of the video converter software. If a software company creates a user friendly video converter, chances are that the video converter will work properly apart from being user friendly.

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